About us

MooDoo - the loving touch of light...

Story of MooDoo studio:

MooDoo Design studio was established in 2009 as a result of experimental collaboration between designers and the development department of Nano Graph - a paper mill specialising in the production of security paper. Material used for our lighting products is highly durable  - resin coated paper with a really natural feel.

Words of head designer:

"MooDoo are essentially relaxation lamps whose light is as warm and soft, as if the space was filled with light coming from a fireplace. Looking into the light is an amazing visual experience for your eyes and a great source of  energy”

Tomas Paul, designer & set designer

What people say:

Amazing lamp! The living room just sprung to life with it in there! :)

I absolutely love this lamp. It has warmed up the dark corner of our living room, with the benefit of a beautiful glow on the ceiling. For the quality and design, this product could easily command a much higher price.

This icon of Czech design should be in every place that needs to create a unique look and cool atmosphere

This is not only a lamp, but also a piece of artwork. The interpretation is truly beautiful, and light and form are absolutely balanced. MooDoo lamps bring calmness and joy into the room

Pretty cool! Thank you!!

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